Love and Support


Why do I run away from receiving LOVE and support?
Why do I run and abort?
Abort the dreams that are in my heart,
And live in fear and apart.
Apart from others so I could feel safe,
Making aloneness my home base.
What is it that I really fear,
Is it that someone might see my tears.
Call me a big baby for showing emotion,
Then toss me in the waves of the ocean.
Why is it so hard to receive?
What is it that I truly believe?
I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy?
Do i think I’m slimy and dirty?
Where did I learn what I believe?
What did I learn when I was naive?
The little one of inside of me,
Is now begging on her knees.
She wants me to hold her and tell her she’s Loved,
She wants to feel safe in my body glove.
She’s asking me if it’s okay,
For her to have fun and play.
To receive Love and support from others,
And connect with her sisters and brothers.
What is it that I need to believe,
So I can truly be happy and free?

“You’re doing great sweetie, you’re going deep,
Life isn’t always going to be neat.
You can’t run from what’s buried inside,
Otherwise you’re just going to collide.
That part of you that feels lonely and scared,
That part of you that says “beware”
That part of you that doesn’t trust,
That part of you that feels buried in the dust.
That part of you needs your LOVE,
That part of you resides in your body glove.
Let it tell you how it feels,
Let it tell you how it’s being killed.
If you ignore it because it doesn’t feel good,
You’re never going to see what’s underneath the hood.
It’s okay for you to feel what you feel,
And release the idea of whether it’s fake or real.
It’s real to you for a good reason,
It came to you at some season.
It served a purpose at the time,
You haven’t been left behind.
By acknowledging yourself and how you feel,
Is how you will truly heal.
It’s pushing it away that brings you suffering,
Because all your doing is a little buffering.
You can’t bury it, it’s still alive,
Even if you think that they are lies.
The judgment is what’s creating resistance,
And making you feel anxious and tense.
Embrace your feelings like a long lost friend,
Soon you’ll be able to move and bend.
Move and bend and go with the flow,
Ad Re-connect with what you truly know.
The walls you built served a purpose,
You thought it would help you hurt less.
But all it did was create separation,
And left you in fear and devastation.
The past is a memory, the future is a fantasy,
Today you can be your own mastery.
What happened in the past is over now,
But you can use the opposite to show you how.
How to live and what to believe,
Who you are and what you could now achieve.
That part of you is running the show,
That part of you is buried deep below.
Acknowledge it and find out what it needs,
So you can have a new way to believe.
To believe that it’s okay to receive support and love,
Tell this now to your body glove.
When your body feels safe, when you allow it to feel,
Feel those emotions that you said were no big deal.
It will become your partner in all you do,
And you’ll walk with ease in your shoes.
Integrated, whole, perfect and complete,
All the way from your head to your feet.
No longer wearing a mask in the world,
Trying to hide the pain of your little girl.
She was hurt and that’s okay,
You cared about what others had to say.
There’s nothing wrong with doing that,
But you don’t have to wear their hat.
Everyone has a right to their own opinion,
If you take it personally it will block you from living.
Your worth and value doesn’t come from others,
It doesn’t even come from your sisters and brothers.
Your worth and value is the essence of your being,
It’s what truly makes your heart sing.
So embrace all of you the “good” and the “bad”
Soon you’ll be an earthly grad.
Someone who is comfortable in their skin,
This is where you truly win.
Embracing and integrating all parts of you,
And bringing LOVE to the parts that are feeling blue.
All your feelings serve a purpose,
Pushing them down doesn’t make your hurt less.
Eventually they’ll get stronger and stronger,
Where you can’t resist them any longer.
So take some quiet time time today,
To listen to your feelings and what they have to say.
This will result in Peace and Love,
Allowing you to live in Heaven just like above.


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