What Do You Really Believe?

whos driving your life pic

“What do you really believe?
Do you think it’s impossible to achieve?
Achieve your heartfelt dreams and desires,
And do the things that light your fire.
Where would you go, what would you do,
If you walked confident in your shoes?
Would you be honoring and Loving yourself,
Would you do what’s good for you and your health?
How would you live your life today,
If “I can” is all that you would say?
Would you really believe that you could,
Or would you be caught in the “I should’s?”
The “I should’s” that are running the show,
The beliefs that are buried deep below.
Everything that is happening is happening for a reason,
There are emotional attachments to what you’re believing?
I encourage you today to go inside,
To see where it is you truly confide.
Do you want friends but you don’t feel safe,
Are you stuck in an internal debate?
Do you want a lover but fear getting hurt,
Or that they will leave you in a pile of dirt?
Do you want more money so you could feel good,
Because you don’t feel good enough and having more says you could.
What is it you really believe,
About life, about you and what you could achieve.
What are you running from or running to,
To get away from feeling sad or blue.
Or are you happy just because,
You’re living in today and not in the “was.”
There’s billions of us here on planet earth,
Many walking around with pain and hurt.
We are all experiencing life in our own unique way,
Listening to our thoughts and what we say.
But where did we learn what we know,
And how do we know that cookies come from dough?
We learn what we learn at a very young age,
Some of what we’ve learned keeps us locked in a cage.
Where is it that you limit yourself?
Where do you disregard you and your health?
Do you neglect yourself thinking you’ll get love,
If you ignore the needs of your body glove.
Do you think that having needs are bad,
That you might make mom or dad mad?
You might think that you won’t be okay,
If you don’t listen to others and what they say.
There’s a reason why you act the way you do,
Pay attention to your emotions they are giving you clues.
Most of us don’t feel good enough,
And we cover that up by accumulating more stuff.
Or we believe that we won’t be okay,
If we honor ourselves and what we say.
Do you really want to know,
The reasons for your choices in this earthly show?
Why you do what you do,
Find out what you’re believing, these are your clues.
If you think that you’re not LOVED,
This idea is outside of your body glove.
The core of your being is made of LOVE,
You came from the Heavens from up above.
You were created perfect, whole and complete,
All the way from your head to your feet.
I invite you to tune into the LOVE inside,
And allow this to be where you confide.
As you become your own best friend,
This will help you heal and mend.
Loving yourself is truly the greatest gift of all,
It’s time to remove all the walls.
The walls you thought kept your safe,
Just left you alone and in an internal debate.
So I ask you again, what do you believe?
Because whatever you believe is what you will achieve.
So go ahead and look within,
And allow your new life to begin.”


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