You Are Unique


Where you are is perfect for you,
You were given your own unique shoes.
Comparing yourself gets you off track,
And so does paying attention to the facts,
There are no facts, there’s only evidence,
Coming from beliefs and others preference.
Deep inside your spirit knows,
Why you came to this earthly show.
Your uniqueness is valuable and YOU ARE LOVED,
Feel this now in your body glove.
Having faith and trust in your creator,
Brings peace now instead of later.
What do you really want for yourself,
Is it to generate a lot of wealth.
The wealth of LOVE, the wealth of peace,
Experiencing life as a tasty feast.
Enjoying each moment of everyday,
Balancing work, needs and play.
These are just a few questions to ponder,
Go ahead and let your mind wonder.
The truth is inside your heart and soul,
This is where you truly know.
Know what you came here to experience,
Stay tune to this part without interference.
Paying attention to this part of you,
Will give you insight and many clues.
What is it that comes natural for you?
What do you really enjoy to do?
These are your clues of your unique expression,
See the places where you might need some correction.
Being true to yourself is really the key,
In living life happy, joyous and free.


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