My Bio

Debra Mittler is a warm and compassionate healer with a unique ability to touch people’s hearts and souls. She enjoys assisting others in developing and cultivating nurturing and loving ways of being with themselves, others and following their heartfelt dreams.

Diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at age 13, and spending a quarter of a century going in and out of hospitals and treatment centers, Debra experienced first hand what it was like living with the degradation of an eating disorder and self hatred. Through her own healing she’s been able to go beneath the symptom and discover self love, personal power, strength, wisdom and inner peace.

Debra is a leading authority in overcoming obstacles and supports her clients by holding a space of unconditional love and offering encouragement, effective tools and valuable insights allowing them to experience and listen to their own inner wisdom. Debra offers her clients the opportunity to experience the most precious gift in the world; a real genuine way to love, honor, value and appreciate themselves, others and their life experience. 

Debra is a graduate of the Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and A graduate of Hypnosis Motivation Institute.

Debra is available for one on one sessions, speaking engagements and facilitating workshops.

For more information you can contact Debra Mittler at (310) 948-9997


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