Appreciating Me


What’s it like to appreciate me?
Please help me to clearly see.
See and sense that I matter,
Instead of listening to the negative chatter.

“Oh sweetheart if you only knew,
The ways we see and appreciate you.
The idea of not feeling appreciated,
Comes from beliefs that are waaayyyy outdated.
What is it you want to know,
To feel appreciated in this earthly show?”

I want to feel wanted, cared for and LOVED,
I want to feel peace inside my body glove.

“There is a way for you to do this now,
Here it is, we’ll show you how.
Can you be more loving with you,
Especially when you have no clue.
No clue on how things will work out,
And bring LOVE to yourself instead of worry or doubt.
Can you give yourself what you need,
When you’re giving to yourself you’re watering the seeds.
The seeds of LOVE, VALUE and WORTH,
These seeds were given to you at your birth.
When you devalue and deprive yourself,
You’re cutting off the flow of your God given wealth.
When you VALUE and APPRECIATE you,
You walk proud in your shoes.
So our advice for you today,
Is to pay attention to what you do and say.
Ask yourself “What would someone who loves themselves do?”
And pay attention to what you sense, these are your clues.
Your clues on how to appreciate yourself,
Your clues to receive your God given wealth.
It really is that simple my dear,
Focus on LOVE instead of fear.
Soon you’ll be able to see,
See and experience a life where you’re happy, joyous and freeeeee.”


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