What is Poetic Healing?


Poetic Healing
Is using poetry to express what I’m feeling.
By writing down a question or challenge I have,
I allow the answers to come through my pen to my pad.
This is my inner wisdom speaking to me,
Helping me to love myself, relax and just be.
The guidance and answers that I receive,
Is always exactly what I need.
What I need to heal and love myself,
And do what is good for me and my health.
Sometimes the answers come right away,
And sometimes it takes an hour or a day.
I stay with the poem until I feel a shift,
A feeling inside that truly uplifts.
Uplifts my spirit, my Heart, my soul,
Allowing me to feel peaceful from head to toe.
Today I’m sharing my poetry with you,
In hopes you experience inner love too.
That you begin to love yourself,
And do what is good for you and your health.
May you be inspired, uplifted and feel the LOVE,
That already resides inside your body glove.