Embracing Fear


What do you do when fear settles in
Do you give up and say you’ll never win.
Or do you question where it’s coming from,
Perhaps from something that happened when you were young.
Notice the feelings without a label,
Allow them to take you back to the fable.
Here you’ll be able to find the root,
Allowing you to create a brand new suit.
This new suit that you’re creating,
is taking you out of the old debating.
Allowing yourself to be who you truly are
A courageous and beautiful shinning star.
So if you’re feeling a little fear,
It’s okay, it’s helping you clear.
It’s offering you an opportunity to see a new way
And for you to listen to your soul and what it has to say.
Embrace it all, it’s all Divine,
And remember to be loving and kind
Loving and kind, compassionate and caring,
With yourself as you become more daring.
Daring to step out beyond what you know
As you move graciously in this earthly show.
May you experience much PEACE and LOVE
Just like the Angels in Heaven above.


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