Embracing Yourself Unconditionally

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It’s not always easy being on planet earth,
Sometimes we feel pain and hurt.
The problem comes when we push it away,
And say, “I don’t want you in my life today.”
All this does is fragment us,
And soon again we make a big fuss.
What if it was okay to acknowledge how you feel,
And let go of judging your emotions as fake or real.
We are human, we have emotions,
They flow just like the waves in the oceans.
Some feel good and some might not,
And sometimes we feel our stomachs in a knot.
The knot just really needs our LOVE,
It’s part of YOU in your body glove.
Becoming whole is honoring it all,
And being kind and gentle when we “fall.”
We’re never really falling, we’re just learning and growing,
It doesn’t help if we’re ignoring.
So today I invite you to embrace your emotions,
Soon you’ll see this as a magic potion.
You’ll feel more relaxed and peaceful inside,
No longer feeling that you have to hide.
Being true to yourself is really the key,
To living your life happy, joyous and freeeee.


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