What is this excitement happening in me,
I feel so giddy, happy and free.
Loving myself and everything I see,
People, birds, the flowers and the trees.
Where is this happiness coming from?
I guess it doesn’t matter, it’s better than being numb.
Feelings aren’t so bad after all
They bounce around like a rubber ball.
The thoughts I think create how I feel,
But are these thoughts fake or real?
They’re real to me because I’m thinking them,
And I could choose to focus on a beautiful gem.
My feelings are my teachers guiding me,
To let me know where I am free.
When I feel bad I’m stuck in an illusion,
Creating life from fear and confusion.
When I feel good I’m aligned with god,
Seeing beyond the world of fog.
So this excitement that’s moving through me,
Is telling me that I am now free.
Free from beliefs that were blocking the flow,
Bringing me back to what I truly know.
The love and joy I was created from,
Before I bought into the belief that I was dumb.
I’m none of these messages I used to believe,
I took them on when I was naive.
The truth is I’m a divine being of love and light,
Here to shine like the stars at night.
Radiating love everywhere I go,
This is what I truly know.


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