Feeling Lost

little girl

If you’re feeling lost it’s okay,
It’s just a feeling you’re having today.
This feeling is coming up for a reason,
To you it might feel like a very dark season.
But it’s really a time to heal and mend,
And learn how to be your own best friend.
The world can’t give you what you need,
Your heart can tell you, let it lead.
Part of the Journey is not knowing,
This is when you’re learning and growing.
Knowing can often limit you,
In what you think, say and do.
When things are shifting on the inside,
It feels like you’re starting to collide.
You aren’t colliding, you’re letting go,
Letting go of what you think you know.
Allowing your true self to shine so bright,
Just like the stars do at night.
So be easy on you, you are safe,
When you make Loving yourself your home base.
Soon you’ll see what this is all about,
So do your best to let go of doubt.
And LOVE yourself unconditionally,
This LOVE is what will set you free.
Free to live, to laugh to LOVE,
Just like the Angels in Heaven above.


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