Feeling Safe, Happy and Free


Today I’m honoring the part of me,
Who feels safe, happy, joyous and freeee.
I’m bringing the parts who feel confused and scared,
Into this safety, LOVE and care.
As I do this I’m becoming whole,
Allowing me to align with my heart and soul.
The more I do this the easier it becomes,
No longer feeling that I need to run.
Run away from my facing my fears,
It’s okay if I shed some tears.
Tears are cleansing, tears are good,
They release the energy that’s underneath the hood.
I might feel sad and that’s okay,
That doesn’t mean that I can’t go out and play.
Play the game of life that’s here,
The game where I’m moving through the fear.
Waling into a new adventure,
Assisting others as a spiritual mentor.
Loving everyone for who they are,
Especially those with many scars.
We are all made from Divine LOVE,
It’s at the core of our body glove.
The more I focus on loving you and loving meeee,
The more I feel safe, happy, joyous and freeeee.



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