Finding your truth


We are all born with talents and gifts,
Take some time and make a list.
A list of things that come natural for you,
Things that you enjoy and love to do.
Focus today on your heart and soul,
It will reveal to you what you truly know.
The truth that comes from the core of your being,
The truth that makes you dance and sing.
Others might tell you that it’s not okay,
But you don’t have to believe what they have to say.
You know inside what is best for you,
What you came here to experience and do.
The lessons that you are here to learn,
Do you believe that it’s now your turn?
Your turn to really enjoy your life,
To let go of fear, struggle and strife.
Look at how you treat yourself,
Are you taking good care of your body and health?
Are you treating yourself in loving ways?
Nurturing yourself throughout the day?
Are you being nice to yourself as you would a friend?
Allowing yourself to move and bend?
Move, bend and go with the flow,
Allowing your essence to radiate and glow.
Are you allowing your true self to shine its light,
Or do you tell yourself that it’s not all right.
Do you listen to that voice that tells you no, no, no,
Who are you to radiate and glow?
You don’t have to believe that, it isn’t true,
Give yourself permission to start something new.
To be the person you truly are,
A bright and beautiful shining star.
There’s something extraordinary YOU are here to do,
There’s many opportunities, not just a few.
You’re special, unique and one of a kind,
Let your true self out, it wants to shine.
Imagine someone who you truly admire,
Are they doing the things that light their fire?
Are they sharing their uniqueness, joy and love,
Expressing their talents through their body glove?
You might not know, or maybe you do,
You might need to give yourself permission to start something new.
To take a bite and see what it’s like,
You’ll know for yourself what is true and right.
When you’re aligned with what is true for you,
You’ll be guided in what to do.
There’s so much happening beyond what we see,
Do you really want to be happy and free?
Free from the thoughts that were limiting you,
The thoughts that made you feel sad and blue.
Choose to focus on positive thoughts,
This will help to loosen the knots.
The knots that kept you stuck in fear,
The thoughts that didn’t allow you to hear.
Hear what your heart wants to express,
The ways to show up as your best.
But first you need to know who you are,
The outer is a vehicle, it’s a beautiful car.
Inside is your soul, it’s whole and complete,
You’re filled with love from your head to your feet.
Inside of you is your value and worth,
This was given to you at your birth.
You don’t need to prove this to anyone,
Spending your life on the run.
Trying to feel good enough,
By working hard to get more stuff.
Thinking happiness will come by having more,
Believing then you’ll be better then before.
If you’re not happy now, you won’t be happy then,
Do you really want to win?
Win the life that you desire,
Doing the things that light your fire.
Feeling and sensing the love inside,
Even if life takes you on a wild ride?
You are the only one who can make that choice,
Pay attention to your thoughts and what comes out of your voice.
You’ll start to recognize what you believe,
What you think is possible for you to achieve.
Notice any judgments that you may feel,
It will lead you to what needs to be healed.
The places inside that need your love,
So you can feel peaceful inside your body glove.
Peaceful, happy, joyous and free,
Free to live and shine authentically.
Today is the day to honor yourself,
To do what is good for you and your health.
To take a step in a new direction,
To give yourself love and affection.
It’s up to you, you have a choice,
A choice to listen to your authentic voice.
The voice inside that knows what’s best for you,
No one else knows what you are here to do.
I encourage you today to listen to your heart,
And begin each day with a loving start.


2 thoughts on “Finding your truth

  1. Debra,
    Thank you for trekking your deeper journey to discover your Truth,
    opening the door for the rest us to explore ours.
    I am so loving All that you write and share!
    Bubbling in warmth in grattitude,

    • You are very welcome Sophie. I LOVE that you are enjoying my writings and it’s opening doors for you to explore your deeper truth. So grateful to be on this journey with you.
      Loving you

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