From Darkness Into the Light

pic for spiritual mentoring

What is the root of my suffering?
And when did I not let my heart sing?
“You started at the age five,
You wanted to be dead instead of alive.
You shut down and said no more,
You wanted to hide behind the door.
You became frightened of being punished,
Thinking that you weren’t good enough.
You didn’t want to share or shine,
You thought if you did you’d be left behind.
So you deprived yourself of all things good,
And listened to what your parents said you should.
You should be quiet and not speak
If you do you’ll be grounded for a week.
You should be kind and help others out,
You should not cry or even pout.
You should hide your feelings or you won’t be liked,
You should be nice day and night.
You should be with your friends and not with us,
We’re going to put you on the bus.
Send you away so we can be free,
You can’t keep crying when you skin your knee.
Stop doing that or we won’t love you,
And don’t ask for any brand new shoes.
We will give you what you need,
So let go of all your greed.
You’re selfish, you only think of you,
Stop feeling so sad and blue.
Everyone hurts, you’re not the only one,
Just go out and have some fun.
Just roll with it and let it go,
And listen to us and what we know.
We know what is best for you,
Let us pick out your favorite shoes.
Stop acting like you’re so tough,
You’ll never, ever be good enough.”

“Oh Debra, sweet Debra, acknowledge how you feel,
Don’t worry about whether it’s fake or real.
You’ve experienced the opposite of who you are,
It’s okay for you to bring love to your scars.
You don’t need to carry this around,
Your true self is now being found.
By loving the parts of you that were hurt,
You’ll begin to wear a brand new shirt.
You shirt is helping you to feel Loved,
Comforting you and your body glove.
You’ve been through a lot, be easy on you,
You’ll feel more relaxed when you’re not pressuring yourself to do.
Do something to get away,
Away from what you’re feeling today.
It’s okay, your feelings are your friends,
They are here to help you mend.
They are messengers from within,
Allowing yourself to feel is where you truly win.
Relax sweetie, it’s all okay,
You are very LOVED today.
You’ll feel this most when you’re loving you,
And holding yourself when you’re feeling blue.
You can’t run away anymore,
It’s time to LOVE yourself and open the door.
The door to live the life that you desire,
The door to the things that light your fire.
Pay attention to your thoughts and words,
And give yourself the LOVE you wanted as a little girl.
It’s safe to LOVE you, you’re okay,
To LOVE yourself throughout the day.
You won’t get in trouble if you take care of you,
I give you permission to buy some brand new shoes.
Think of the little one inside of you,
What do you think she wants to do?
Ask her now and listen to your heart,
Tell her that you’ll never be apart.
Hold her and give her what she needs,
Together you are planting some brand new seeds.
Seeds of kindness, compassion and LOVE,
Are now blooming inside your body glove.”


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