How Can I Help My Heart Feel Safe?


What can I do to help my heart feel safe?
What is this internal debate?
I’m learning a lot and I want to share,
But something inside is saying beware.
Beware of being judged for not knowing it all,
And you’ll soon just have a big fall.
People will talk about you in negative ways,
And you’ll want to hide instead of play.
Where did I learn what this is telling me?
Please help me so I can be free.
“You screamed and cried and no one was around,
You didn’t feel safe in your very own town.
If you asked to help your father or mother,
You were rejected and blown away like a feather.
You wanted to help because you wanted LOVE,
That little girl is still inside your body glove.
Hold her now and tell her she’s okay,
And she could now have fun and play.
Tell her she’s safe and doesn’t need to run,
That A new life for her has now begun.
You’re with her now, you’re not going to leave,
It’s time for her to truly grieve.
Grieve the loss of not feeling loved,
And forgive yourself for abusing your body glove.
You did the best you could at the time,
Your not bad and you haven’t fallen behind.
Where you are is perfect for you,
Today your learning to walk in your very own shoes.
It’s okay to tune into how you feel,
Your feelings aren’t fake, they are real.
They are important for you to truly see,
See the truth that will set you free.
Free from the beliefs that you inherited from others,
Listening to the words of your sisters and brothers.
Ask yourself “How am I feeling?”
This is where you’ll truly start healing.
Healing the past so you could be present now,
Listening to your intuition to show you how.
How to do the things you’re passionate about,
Allowing you to be free from fear and doubt.
Living in ways that are right for you,
Every day you’ll be given many clues.
The clues that come from listening to your emotions,
Feeling your feelings is the magic potion.
When you do this you’re truly living,
And your heart will feel better about giving.
Because you’ll be in alignment with the truth of you,
Not betraying yourself, doing what you think you “should” do.
I invite you to take some time today,
And listen to your feelings and what they say.
The more you do this, the more you’ll see,
How relaxed and peaceful your life will be.


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