How can I LOVE Myself Today


How can I LOVE myself today,
What can I do, what can I say?
“You can LOVE yourself by allowing you,
To feel what it would feel like to walk proud in your shoes.
You can LOVE yourself by seeing the good,
And changing the idea of I can’t to I could.
You can LOVE yourself by holding you,
Especially when you’re feeling scared and blue.
The little one inside needs your LOVE,
She’s still inside your body glove.
Hold her now and tell her she’s okay,
And give her permission to dance and play.
LOVE for yourself is really the key,
If you truly want to live happy and free.
Invite all parts of you to have a party,
Especially the ones that you thought were naughty.
This is how you become whole,
And walk in peace in this earthly show.
It’s the inner conflict that keeps you stuck,
And makes you feel like you’re in a rut.
It’s okay to let go,
It’s okay not to know.
All is well sweetie, you are safe,
Today make LOVE for yourself be your home base.
Think of someone or something you LOVE,
And let this feeling flow throughout your body glove.
Let it permeate your entire being,
This will allow you the freedom to dance and sing.
Dance and sing to this wonderful emotion,
Moving naturally like the waves in the ocean.
And you’ll be living in PEACE and LOVE,
Just like the Angels in Heaven like above.”


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