I’m an Angel


I’m an angel sent from above,
Sent to earth to learn how to love.
Love myself, everyone and everything,
Making room for my heart to sing.
Sing about peace, love and joy,
To every man, woman, girl and boy.
So if I’m an angel, what do angels do?
Do they worry about how to walk in their shoes?
Angels are made of love and light,
They don’t worry about what’s wrong or right.
They love everyone for who they are,
Even if someone’s getting drunk in a bar.
Humans get caught in the stories they create,
Thinking these stories are their destiny, their fate.
So if I’m following the stories I believe,
I might as well create one where I can achieve.
Achieve peace, joy, happiness and love,
Because that’s what angels are in heaven above.
It really doesn’t matter what I do on earth,
What matters is that I heal the hurt.
The hurt that I used to carry around,
The fear that I had if I gained a pound.
The agreement I made that I’ll never be fat,
Even if I had to live like a rat.
But do I really want to live this way?
Running on the same wheel day by day?
I’m tired of running, I really want to stop,
Begin my life planting a brand new crop.
Choosing the seeds I want to choose,
Letting go of the agreement that I deserve to lose.
Angels don’t care about winning or losing,
I’m ready now for my new beginning.
To trust and surrender to my highest good,
Letting go of the cant’s and should’s.
Being at peace with myself right now,
Especially when I want to scream and growl.
Growl when things aren’t the way I want them to be,
And running to hide up in a very tall tree.
That’s another story I created,
But that story now is way outdated.
Life has challenges for me to grow,
Not bury myself deep in the snow.
It might feel very cold at times,
And even peaceful like listening to chimes.
As long as I know that I’m okay,
I can love myself whatever I do or say.
But feeling okay can only come from me,
And this is what allows me to be free.
Enjoying all I do without looking for a reward,
Untangling that old knotted up cord.
How do I do this, where do I begin?
I guess I have to be a mother hen.
Take care of little Debra who needs my love,
Be her angel that was sent from above.
Give her love, kindness and attention,
These are just a few to mention.
Hold her and tell her how much she is loved,
That she is perfect, especially her body glove.
All of her is accepted unconditionally,
Help her clear her vision so she can see.
See the world with fresh new eyes,
Letting go of all those old outdated lies.
The lies that she’ll never be anything at all,
The lies that tell her if she takes a step she will fall.
The lies that tell her she deserves to be hurt and abused,
The lies that tell her she will always lose.
These are lies they aren’t true at all,
It’s time to step into my divine call.
To live as an angel sent from above,
To experience the truth, which is love.
This angel is the spirit inside of me,
I can now relax and let myself be.
Be the angel I truly am,
This I can do, YES I CAN!


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