I’m Free

whos driving your life pic

What do I see when I look into my eyes,
Am I seeing the truth or someone else’s lies.
Lies that have told me to believe what I’m not,
The lies that make me feel like I’m tied in a knot.
A knot of guilt, judgment and doubt,
But I don’t think this is what life’s really about.
There’s always a new way to look at things,
Being in the newness of what life brings.
When I live from what I believe I know,
My life is just a rerun of the same old show.
How can I move forward holding on to the past?
The past where I believed I deserved to be last.
That’s a lie that I once believed,
Another was that I couldn’t receive.
That I didn’t deserve to receive good things,
Or any pleasure that life would bring.
Where did I learn that, who made up that rule,
Was it at home or was it at school?
The rule that I can’t have anything at all,
The rule that I have to hide behind a wall.
These beliefs might have served me in the past,
But today I’m choosing first instead of last.
Loving, honoring and taking care of me,
Seeing the truth so I can be free.
But what is the truth and how do I know?
I guess it’s when I stop putting on a show,
The show where I’m trying to prove I am good enough,
The show where I act like I am tough.
All of it is just an illusion anyway,
Created by the stories I made up day by day.
So if I see life through the story I’m creating,
I could change my story to loving from hating.
The hate that I had directed towards myself,
Depriving myself of my god given wealth.
The wealth of love that I was created from,
Given to me when my life first begun.
So love is the truth, this is becoming clear,
There’s no reason now to believe in fear.
We all deserve love and joy,
Every man, woman, girl and boy.
Today I’m choosing to believe something new,
I already belong and so do you.
I could let go of the trying to be good enough show,
And reconnect with what I truly know.
The truth that is centered in the core of my being,
The love and joy that makes my heart sing.
I’m open and willing to give and receive,
I’m letting go of being naive.
I know that I’m here for a purpose and a reason,
And today is the day, it’s my season.
My season to remove the boundaries of the past,
To let go of the belief that I deserve to be last.
There is no reason that I need to hide,
I have wings now and I can glide.
Glide smoothly through life with ease and grace,
Seeing the beauty on every person’s face.
I deserve to have, to love, to share,
Even when my ego says “beware.”
Who is this ego but the voice of fear,
The voice that tells me I need a career.
That if I don’t work then I’m nothing at all,
And I should know and live my divine call.
But what is my divine call anyway?
Is it to work, have fun or play?
The flow is where I live my life now,
Surrendering to spirit the “how.”
If I’m truly here to learn and grow,
What’s important is that I’m staying in the flow.
Letting go of how to do this or that,
Maybe it’s time to learn from a cat.
A cat does what a cat does,
It doesn’t get caught in the human buzz.
A cat does what it’s born to do,
It doesn’t try to be a cow and mooo.
I was made to be who I am,
I just have to believe I can.
I’m now releasing the lies of the past,
I’m filling my car with brand new gas.
The gas that is fuel, fuel of love,
The car is my body, it’s my glove.
My glove where my loving spirit resides,
I’m ready to shine instead of hide.
My thoughts and actions are now supporting me,
In living a life where I am free.
Free to love and free to laugh,
Free to go to a lake and float on a raft.
Free to live from my heart and soul,
Free to listen to what I truly know.


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