Learning to Love Myself

I love me

What does it mean to love myself?
It’s embracing all of my god given wealth.
It’s seeing that I am perfect as I am,
And so is every boy, girl, woman and man.
Loving myself is allowing myself to feel,
And bringing to the light what needs to be healed.
Loving myself is honoring my body glove,
And treating myself like someone I love.
Loving myself is speaking to myself with honor,
Just like a mother who loves her daughter.
Loving myself is having compassion,
And embracing my own unique fashion.
Loving myself is letting go of the lies,
That told me I’ll never be as good as the guys.
The lies that told me that I needed to be thin,
In order to be accepted and win.
Loving myself is appreciating all of me,
Especially the parts that I didn’t want to see.
Loving myself is being my own best friend,
And seeing myself as a beautiful gem.
Loving myself is appreciating my mistakes,
They show me the corrections I can make.
Loving myself means expressing myself,
And doing what’s good for me and my health.
Loving myself is treating myself like I matter
As I continue to climb up the learning ladder.
Loving myself means giving myself a chance,
A chance to live, love, sing and dance.
Loving myself is breaking free,
Free from the fears and the thoughts that limited me.
Loving myself is being in the flow
And giving myself permission to grow
Loving myself is taking care of my needs
Letting my true self guide and lead
Loving myself is allowing my light to shine
And being compassionate, loving and kind
Loving myself is being one with all
And being willing to answer my divine call.


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