Power in me


What is this power inside of me,
That’s been locked up and wants to be freeee.
I’ve felt it since I was a little kid,
But was frightened so I ran and hid.
Today I don’t choose to run anymore,
Or hide behind the closed doors.
I’ve lived that way for far too long,
It’s time for me to sing my song.
I know why I’m here and what I came here to do,
To LOVE myself and to LOVE you toooo.
But what does LOVE really mean,
Does it mean that I’ll allow myself to be seen.
Seen for who I truly am,
And let go of comparing myself to the clan.
We were each uniquely designed for a reason,
And we’re meant to change just like the seasons.
I LOVE seeing the differences in others,
Embracing the authenticity of my sisters and brothers.
The world depends on our unique fashion,
This is how we create expansion.
This power in me is now ready to come out,
I feel it, I sense it, I have no doubt.
It’s saying “Hey pay attention to me,
I want you to live happy and freeeee.”
So this is my commitment here and now,
I’m standing up and taking a vow.
I’m embracing the little girl in me,
Allowing her now to be seen.
I’m letting her know that she is safe,
Safe to leet go of the old debate.
The debate if she is going to be okay,
Even if people don’t agree with what she has to say.
I’m loving her unconditionally,
Letting her know that she is safe with me.
That it’s okay for her to be seen,
No matter who is watching or who is agreeing.
She came here to express and share her LOVE,
Just like the angels in Heaven above


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