Morning Guidance


What do you want me to do today?
I’m listening to what you have to say.
“Start by acknowledging you,
Especially if you’re feeling sad and blue.
Loving yourself is the key,
If you truly want to be happy and free.
No one can do this for you, it’s an inside job,
It’s up to you to remove the fog.
Be still now and turn within,
And know that you were born to win.
Win at everything and all you do,
Pay attention to your wins, they are giving you a clue.
You’ve always been a winner, you’ve created from what you believe,
Some things came from being naieve.
But that’s okay, you can choose today,
New thoughts and beliefs and new things to say.
Comfort the little one within,
And soon you’ll notice a way to win.
Win because you’re feeling peaceful inside,
No longer struggling and having your thoughts collide.
Alignment with your heart and soul,
Brings you back to what you truly know.
You’ve always been a winner, you’re winning now,
Be careful not to throw in the towel.
Be easy on you and know that you are LOVED,
Feel this now inside your body glove.
Let go of the past and be here now,
Have the courage to stand up and take a bow.
Embrace the beauty that you are,
A beautiful and radiant shining star.
It’s time for you to be seen,
It’s time for you to be treated like a queen.
All is well, you’re okay,
You don’t need to keep others at bay.
It’s safe to love, it’s safe to shine,
Let go of the idea that you’ve been left behind.
Where you are is the perfect place for you,
Even if you don’t have a clue.
Everything is working together for good,
Stay away from the cant’s and should’s.
You have the power within you to win,
It doesn’t matter where you’ve been.
You are safe and you are LOVED,
You’re being supported by heaven above.
The universe really wants you to see,
See and experience a life where you’re happy, joyous and freeeee.”


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