My Books
Since her earliest memory Debra felt very different from others and often lonely, frightened and misunderstood. At age thirteen she was told by her doctor to lose weight and went from 140 pounds down to 80 pounds and for over 23 years she struggled with severe anorexia, compulsive exercise, hating herself, hating life and living in a self-imposed prison. After finding no success in healing even after numerous stays in hospitals and treatment centers Debra eventually took her healing into her own hands and found herself on a spiritual journey. She says “The bully wasn’t outside of me, it was the way I was treating myself, it was my relationship between me and me. I wasn’t bad or wrong, I was just responding from the beliefs, perceptions and misunderstandings that were created at a younger age.” In her book Awakening to Unconditional Love, Debra creatively shares her transformational journey as she opens to her inner knowing and the love of the divine and receives profound wisdom, clarity, love and guidance assisting her in having new perceptions and realities; moving from just understanding the question or issue into the place where it transforms; ultimately experiencing wholeness and Unconditional Love. Debra’s intention in sharing her writings with you is that you find some recognition of your own path, you are guided to what is right for you, you begin to and continue to Love and accept yourself unconditionally, you give yourself the opportunity to discover the tremendous amount of Love, Wisdom and Guidance that’s already within you and you’re Inspired, Uplifted and filled with Healing and Loving Energy.


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