My WIsh


My wish is that one day we will see,
A world where everyone is feeling LOVED, happy and free.
Free to be who we really are,
Beautiful and Radiant shining stars.
We are all born as individual expressions,
Of Divine Love’s infinite perfection.
By loving meeee unconditionally,
I’m able to LOVE you as you were created to be.
We all have lessons we’re here to learn,
These lessons are helping us to discern.
To assist us in getting clear
On choosing LOVE or choosing fear.
So I ask you today,
To pay attention to what you think, do and say.
Are you coming from a place of fear or LOVE,
How do you feel in your body glove?
Take some time and listen within,
This will help you truly win.
Win by listening to what feels right,
Letting go of the man given sight.
And allowing your inner being to guide the way,
By listening to your heart and what it has to say.
You are precious and YOU ARE LOVED,
You are a gift from Heaven above.


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