Residing in my Loving


If I could start my life today,
This is what I would say.
I came to earth for a reason,
To experience and enjoy all the seasons.
The light, the dark, the colorful, the blah,
Those help me to find my aha’s
There are gifts and blessings in everything I do,
Especially the ones where I don’t have a clue.
I LOVE how the universe wants me to succeed,
And I could choose to follow or lead.
Lead from my passions, my heart and soul,
And connect with what I truly know.
That LOVE is the only thing that is real,
It truly is the best way to heal.
Allowing myself to feel the LOVE of God,
Helps clear away the earthly fog.
So today I’m choosing to reside in LOVE
And live in heaven on earth just like the angels above.


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