Self Awareness


Self Awareness is the key
If I really want to live happy and free.
It can be challenging at times,
Especially when I noticed that I committed a crime.
A crime against who I really am,
Just so I could fit in with the clan.
The good thing about being self aware,
Is I’m showing myself that I truly care.
By listening to my thoughts and watching my actions,
I could choose what I want as my brand new fashion.
Otherwise I’m just following the rules,
The rules I learned at home and at school.
Just because I’ve lived a certain way,
Doesn’t mean I can’t change today.
I might be accustomed to what’s familiar,
And I could use that as a filler.
Just so I could stay the same,
And bury myself in fear and shame.
The projection I see out in the world,
The things I notice in other boys and girls.
Is helping me to clearly see,
See what I need to set myself free.
Owning my part and how I feel,
Is truly helping me to heal.
It’s helping me to see what I unconsciously believe,
The things I bought into when I was naieve.
They’re not all bad, some are good,
It’s kinda cool to go underneath the hood.
To see what’s really going on,
The things I pushed down just to belong.
The idea of being disappointed and unloved,
Made me anxious in my body glove.
I kept busy all the time,
Thinking if I did I would be fine.
This way of living was hurting me,
Fear and doubt was all i could see.
By bringing this to the light of my awareness,
I could choose to change and live my best.
Loving myself unconditionally
Is what is truly setting myself free.
Honoring myself and how I feel,
Is helping me see what is truly real.
I LOVE knowing it’s okay not to know,
How to steer in this earthly show.
I get what I need when I need it,
And the path is being shown bit by bit.
I’m feeling a shift inside of me,
Loving myself is helping me live happy and freeeee.
With heartfelt gratitude I’m feeling so LOVED
Just like living in Heaven above.


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