Standing in My Authentic Power


I’m ready now to stand on my own,
This doesn’t mean that I’ll be alone.
It means that I can take care of myself,
And do what is good for me and my health.
Speak up when it’s right for me,
This is how I can be happy and free.
My inner wisdom knows what I need,
I’m allowing it now to guide and lead.
Aligning myself with its tone,
Trusting that a way will always be shown.
Letting go of the rules of the past,
And having to make things happen so fast.
Everything has a time and reason,
And will ripen at just the right season.
It takes a willingness to allow it to unfold,
And sometimes the season feels very cold.
Even in the cold I am safe and protected,
I’m now embracing the parts that I once rejected.
The parts of life and the parts of myself,
I’m choosing now to take good care of my health.
All is changing, now I can see,
That there is a divine plan for me.
I may not like all the things that occur,
And sometimes my life might seem like a blur.
But that’s okay because it will soon be clear,
I’m now letting go of doubt and fear.
Everything I see comes from my perception,
And this is where I can make a correction.
See myself and others through the eyes of love,
Bringing peace on earth just like heaven above.
Life is a journey, one step at a time,
I now see the truth where once I was blind.
I am connecting with others in a whole new way,
Instead of being fearful and keeping them at bay.
I love and approve of myself as I am,
Not looking for it from another woman or man.
I release the past and how I used to be,
And I embrace the present and all of me.
I’m a divine being of love and light,
Sharing my love all day and night.
Residing in my authentic self,
Doing what is good for me and my health.
Listening to the voice of my heart and soul,
Focusing on love is now my goal.
Love for myself and everyone here,
Not believing in doubt and fear.
Fear is an illusion, it’s not real at all,
It tells me that I will always fall.
That’s not true, I always learn,
This is where I get to discern.
I have a choice, fear or love,
To be mean or gentle with my body glove.
Being kind and compassionate with myself,
Is one way that I can take care of my health.
Eating healthy foods and getting enough rest,
Will give me energy to live my best.
Drinking plenty of water and moving my body,
Will keep me hydrated and looking like a hottie.
Doing my spiritual practices everyday,
Will connect me to god who is guiding the way.
Forgiving myself and others is setting me free,
Free to love and accept the real me.
My child like nature is now coming out,
I feel it, I sense it without a doubt.
I’m releasing fear, resistance and control,
Connecting to what I truly know.
There is nothing to be scared of anymore,
Life isn’t meant to be a chore.
We are all meant to have some type of pleasure,
We are all gifts and a golden treasure.
It doesn’t matter the color of our skin,
Or if our bodies are fat or thin.
What matters is the love inside,
Tuning into this love makes life a glorious ride.
Living and experiencing heaven on earth,
Remembering the way we felt at our birth.
Innocent, beautiful, happy and free,
Exploring the world with fresh eyes to see.
Seeing the world from this space,
Will help me connect to my home base.
Where I started from the beginning,
This was when I was truly winning.
Not worrying about what others say,
All I wanted to do was smile and play.
Being childlike is the key,
The key to really setting ourselves free.
I now choose to return to this state of mind,
And live my life being joyful, loving and kind.
Radiating and expressing gods love and light,
Shining as bright as the stars at night.
I am strong and authentically empowered,
It’s my time, it’s my hour.
Time for me to LOVE for free,
To relax and shine as the real me.


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