True love comes from within,
This is where it really begins.
It’s not what others do or say,
It’s that I let myself be okay.
To appreciate and value all that I do,
Waiting for recognition from others is like being stuck in glue.
And this glue can dry very fast,
And I’m the one who will finish last.
If I continue to look for love outside of me,
It will tie me down and I will never be free.
Am I giving to receive love?
Trying to fit someone else into my glove?
Or am I giving for fun and for free,
Expressing the love that’s inside of me.
I guess I need to look at the hidden intention,
The things I know but neglect to mention.
When I look for something in return,
I haven’t mastered what I’m here to learn.
To learn that I’m okay no matter what,
And I don’t need to hold approval in my gut.
Just because others don’t respond to me,
It doesn’t mean that I can’t be free.
Free to express what’s in my heart,
Not allowing others to tear me apart.
Waiting and waiting to hear I was great,
Leaving me hurt and in a debate.
A debate on whether I am good or not,
This is what turns my stomach into a knot.
I thought I was nothing if others didn’t respond,
Respond by praising me and my song.
When I’m really, truly sharing from my heart,
No one or nothing can tear me apart.
The only story will be the story of love,
Sharing my love just like the angels above.
It’s about giving without being attached,
It’s about letting go of trying to win the match.
I win when I’m connected to the love inside,
Instead of allowing others to take me on a wild ride.
Today is the day, I’m validating myself,
Loving me and my god given wealth.


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