Trust and Faith

beliefs image 2

Good things are happening now,
I’m letting go of figuring out how.
How to be this or that,
How to keep myself from getting fat.
I’m surrendering to the love I am,
Changing I can’t to I can.
Allowing spirit to show me the way,
Enjoying each moment, every minute and every day.
Trusting in the divine plan for me,
Growing like nature, like the flowers and the trees.
I’m now moving from my head into my heart,
Because today I’m beginning a fresh new start.
Allowing myself to be nurtured and loved,
Living in heaven on earth just like above.
I matter, I’m important and I’m good enough,
I’m now letting go of trying to be so tough.
It’s perfectly okay to let my feelings out,
Even if I’m filled with so much doubt.
My feelings are created by my thoughts,
If I don’t let them out they become a knot.
A knot that sits inside of me,
Keeping me stuck in the illusion of being free.
The illusion that if I don’t feel them at all,
I’ll never have to take a fall.
But numbing myself hasn’t really worked,
It’s just kept me piled by a bunch of dirt.
My feelings are my teachers, they are my guides,
Even when they take me on wild rides.
I’m okay no matter how I feel,
It’s a choice whether I want to be fake or real.
To be real is to honor myself,
To give myself permission to live in wealth.
The wealth of love and material things,
Enjoying all the wonderful pleasures that life brings.


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