What Does it Mean to be Healed?

breaking free 

What does it mean to be healed?
Does it mean feeling safe in an open field?
Being in a field that’s joyful and free,
A field where love is all that I see?
Knowing that I’m already enough,
And letting go of the worldly stuff?
Having to prove that I matter,
By climbing up the “success” ladder?
What is this world I’m living in?
That tells me I’m okay only if I’m thin.
What does my body have anything to do with me?
Please dear god, help me to see.
See and feel the love inside,
Help me to shine instead of hide.
I don’t choose to hide anymore,
I’m now ready to walk through the door.
Walk into a room of love and peace,
Seeing all of life as a tasty feast.
What’s my next step? Please show me the way,
Walk with me each and everyday.
Be my hands, my thoughts, my words,
Help me to sing like the baby birds.
Sing because it feels good to me,
Help me to relax and let myself be.
Be grateful for what I already have,
Be around people who make me laugh.
People I can connect to on a deep level,
Help me to be a rock instead of a pebble.
You’ve given me talents and I want to use them for you,
Show me how to walk in your shoes.
I have faith and trust in you today,
I’m listening to what you have to say.
Let your voice be all I hear,
Help me to let go of any fear.
Fear that kept me from my highest good,
Fear the created the “I should’s.”
I should be doing this or that,
I should be wearing this kind of hat.
Where did I learn what I “should” do?
Was it from me or was it from you?
I’m asking for your help today,
Help me so I can have fun and play.
To not take things so seriously,
To look at things with curiosity.
To be childlike and want to learn,
To say now is the time, it’s my turn.
My turn to play and have some fun,
Instead of living everyday as a re-run.
My life is here to serve you,
Show me what you want me to do.
Help me open my eyes to see,
See the beauty of you all around me.
How do you want me to share, to shine?
Help me to know I haven’t fallen behind.
To accept that I’m in the right perfect place,
That I don’t have to try to win some race.
I’ve already won, I’m connected to you,
I’m ready to enjoy life in this earth school.
Using your wisdom, your courage, your strength,
Help me use your colors to paint.
Paint my life the way you created,
Letting go of the things that are now outdated.
Help me to bring your love to others,
Especially those who are hurting so they can feel better.
Thank you for my lessons here,
Even those were I shed some tears.
Through my experiences I’ve gotten stronger,
And my days of peace are getting longer and longer.
Thank you god for showing me the way,
I can relax in your guidance each and everyday.
Oh how grateful I am to you,
For walking with me now in my shoes.
With your courage and your strength living in me,
Allows possibility to be all that I see.
All the obstacles are now removed,
And I no longer feel that I have to prove.
Prove that I’m okay, that I’m good enough,
I am letting go of thinking all that old stuff.
Trying to be who others wanted me to be,
Blocked me from what I now see.
I am talented and gifted in many ways,
And more is revealed to me each and everyday.
I’m on this journey to heal myself,
To live from and honor my god given wealth.
To let go of what others think of me,
To live joyful, authentic, abundant and free.
I’m tearing down the walls and letting myself out,
It’s time, I’m ready, I’m letting go of doubt.
The doubt that I used to hide behind,
The doubt that left me scared and blind.
I can see now, I have wings to fly,
Soar like the birds up in the sky.
Flowing with nature and my higher self,
Doing what’s right for me and my health.
I’m a gift from you and I’m ready to be unwrapped,
No longer feeling like I am trapped.
I can choose what I say, think or believe,
I can choose what I want to achieve.
I’m setting my mind in a new direction,
Changing the areas that need correction.
The beliefs of the past created the life I lived,
Now is the time to release and forgive.
Forgive myself for believing in lies,
Just so I’d be accepted by the girls and the guys.
I’m the only one who knows what’s best for me,
And when I listen to myself I am truly free.
Everything is just a story anyway,
A story I created just to get through the day.
Seeing life through my own perception,
Not knowing all of it was just a projection.
A projection of what I did or said,
It was a movie that I was playing in my head.
It’s funny watching myself and others blame,
It’s as if life is one big game.
Everyone wants to be right and win,
Some spend their days drinking rum or gin.
Are we here to try to prove our worth?
Wasn’t this given to us at our birth?
Is this what this life experience is all about?
To learn how to let go of fear and doubt?
To re-connect to the divine within?
To know that this is where I truly win?
There never was anything wrong with me,
I just had to clear the way so I could see.
See and believe the truth at my core,
I don’t have to believe in lies anymore.
I am beautiful and I am strong,
I came to earth to sing my song.
The song of possibility,
The song that allows me to be free.
Free to express my authenticity,
Be true to myself by just being me.
I am perfect as I am,
Every part of me, including my hands.
I was designed to be me,
To become the person I was created to be.
How I act and how I look,
Was created for me in my life book.
The book that was written for my purpose here,
I’m at the chapter where I’m letting go of fear.
I’m now stepping into trust and faith,
Going through life with ease and grace.
Living like I truly matter,
Climbing up the learning ladder.
Learning and healing everyday,
Beginning my life in a fresh new way.
Speaking and living from my truth,
Enjoying my life like a tasty fruit.
I’m here to radiate and shine for god,
We’re together as one like two peas in a pod.
Living in love, peace and joy,
And sharing it with every girl and boy.
Thank you god for living in me,
And thank you god for helping me to see.
See the truth of who I AM,
To move forward with a “Yes I can.”
I can be the person you created me to be,
Happy, joyous, loving and free.


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