What Makes Your Heart Sing?


If what we think creates the feelings we have,
Why not think thoughts that make us laugh?
Thoughts that make us feel good inside,
Thoughts that lead us on a joyful ride.
It’s foolish not to win at our own game,
Conform to the world and stay the same.
We’re not here to do what’s already been done,
We’re here to explore and have some fun.
Bring to the world our own talents and gifts,
Sharing wisdom that inspires and uplifts.
We all have a natural gift to bring,
Take time to see what makes your heart sing.
Clear away the beliefs that are blocking the flow,
Blocking your heart and what you truly know.
It’s a process, like learning to dance,
You are the dancer and life is the dance.
Two steps forward and one step back,
It’s time to try on a brand new hat.
All you have to do is try it on,
You might even decide to sing a song.
A song that comes from your heart and soul,
Becoming more yourself as you learn and grow.
Doing things you’ve never done before,
Walking through a brand new door.
The room you are entering is fun for you,
You get to try on some brand new shoes.
Some might fit and others might not,
You might even choose one with a polka dot.
It’s okay if that’s what you like,
You’ll know for yourself what feels right.
This room is designed especially for you,
No one here can tell you what to say or do.
It’s a place where you can listen to your heart and soul,
And connect with what you truly know.
I encourage you today to find this place,
And when you do, make it your home base.
Making decisions from what feels right to you,
What feels right to say and do.
Listen to your heart, it will show you the way,
The way to show up as YOU each and everyday.
You are perfect exactly as you are,
A beautiful gem, a shining star.
What if you knew that you couldn’t do it wrong?
Would you take a risk and sing your song?
It’s about unlearning the things that got in the way,
Of expressing authentically each and everyday.
It’s about relearning the truth of who you are,
And letting your true self out of the jar.
It’s the ego that thinks in right or wrong,
And doesn’t want you to sing your authentic song.
Our feelings stem from the beliefs we have,
And determine where we’ll walk on our path.
What is it that you truly believe?
Do you think it’s possible to achieve?
Live the life that you desire,
Doing the things that light your fire.
What’s one thing that you can do today,
Knowing that no matter what, you’ll still be okay.
Every experience is an opportunity to learn,
It’s through our experiences that we get to discern.
Decide what feels right for you today,
And allow your heart to guide the way.
Stay in the now and be true to yourself,
Do what is good for you and your health.
You deserve to live your heartfelt dreams,
You and your heart are a perfect team.
Be true to yourself and notice how good you feel,
You’ll discover what is true and real.
The real you underneath the mask,
Learning for yourself a brand new task.
Loving and honoring your heart and soul,
Living from what you truly know.
Giving yourself permission to shine your light,
Following your heart and what feels right.
You are special, you’re one of a kind,
Listen to your heart and see what you’ll find.
We all have a special gift to bring,
It’s what brings you joy and makes your heart sing.
YOU are the only one who can shine as YOU,
You know in your heart what you came here do.
Listen to your heart and what it has to say,
It will guide your life and show you the way.
You deserve to live your heartfelt dreams,
You deserve to dance and sing.
Sing a song of joy and love,
Living heaven on earth just like above.


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