Where Are Your Thoughts?

What is on your mind today?
Are you aware of your thoughts and what you say?
Do you believe everything you think?
Do you choose good thoughts over ones that stink?
Why do you believe what you believe?
And do you believe that you can achieve?
Achieve your goals, your dreams, your desires,
Do the things that light your fire.
Or is there fear blocking the way,
Of living in peace and LOVE today.
If there’s fear, examine where it started,
This is where you and your true self parted.
Go into that space and feel the fear,
And it’s okay to shed some tears.
The tears will help you free yourself,
So you can live a life filled with JOY and wealth.
Go into the experience and really feel,
What it was like as a little boy or girl.
Give yourself a new perception,
A way that there is now a LOVE connection.
Love for yourself and all involved,
Allowing past hurts to be resolved.
Knowing that we are all doing the best we know how,
Gives you peace to live in the now.
Forgive yourself, your father, your mother,
And now become your own best lover.
Hold yourself and say “I AM LOVED”
And let this feeling flow throughout your body glove.
You are unique,special and one of a kind,
Don’t let the past keep you in a bind.
Today is the day to set yourself freeeee,
And be all that you were created to be.
Let all the past hurts be transmuted into LOVE
Allowing you to live in Heaven on earth just like above.


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