Who Would You Be If You Started Your Life Today?

little me dancing

Who would you be if you started your life today?
Would you have fun, laugh and play?
Would you create a life filled with LOVE?
Would you be kind and loving to your body glove?
Would you trust that everything is always working out for you?
Even those times when you’re feeling blue.
Who would you be, where would you go?
If today was the first day in this earthly show.
Take some time and ponder this,
You can draw, imagine or make a list.
Make a list of your heartfelt dreams,
Those things that truly makes your heart sing.
Then feel what it will feel like living this way,
And listen to what you think and say.
Are there any doubts, worries or fears?
Do you need to cry some tears?
Let it out, it’s okay,
You don’t need to keep your feelings at bay.
Today is a new day to begin again,
To learn to be your own best friend.
Love yourself sweetie, you are enough,
Let go of the idea that you need to be rough.
Gentle and easy can now be your motto,
Especially those times where you feel a wobble.
It’s all part of the journey we came here for,
There’s always going to be something more.
So today tune into the LOVE inside,
And allow your life to be a glorious ride.


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