You Are A Treasure

heart in hands and sparkles

Who’s thoughts are these in my head?
Are they Jill, Bob, Joe or Fred?
Where did we learn what we think?
How do we know about the color pink?
Who created the words that we use?
Do we have the right to choose?
Or is everything already in its right place?
Just like our eyes and nose on our face.
Who is to say what is right or wrong?
And how do we know where we belong?
And what does it truly mean to belong?
To be in groups that sing the same ol song?
There’s billions of us here on planet earth,
Many walking around with pain and hurt.
Looking and searching for meaning and love,
Trying to fit into other people’s glove.
We are all unique, special and one of a kind,
Turn within and see what you might find.
There is a beautiful treasure in each one of us,
Don’t bury it with other people’s dust.
The treasure is you at the core of your being,
It’s worthy, it’s valuable, its what makes your heart sing.


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